The Unelected Dictatorship



Definition of the European Commission.

"17 unelected, reject politicians, with no accountability to anybody, who are not responsible for raising taxes, just spending money, who are pandered to by a supine Parliament which is also not responsible for raising taxes!"

Nicholas Ridley, Ex-Conservative Minister

  1. WHAT'S THE SET UP? - In the 1999 EU elections UK voters can only vote for one party (with some names on a list).  Undemocratic but who cares!  This vastly expensive European Parliament only has power to "advise and consult" the European Commission.  (Commissioner Franz Fischler, asked how much notice the Commission would take of the European Parliament?  The Commission said, "The answer is to be found in the Treaty".  i.e. - No notice at all!).
  2. The European Commission is a permanent unelected body of 17 people appointed by national Governments for 5 years or more.  Responsible for most EU law, which passes directly into UK law, the Commission is aided by an army unelected officials (a sort of 'Uncivil Service').  The UK Parliament is helpless to amend or reject any of it.  Such law is secretly made behind closed doors.  The Commission President has a virtual veto over who becomes a Commissioner and provides "political guidance" to all Commissioners.

    The Council of Ministers also approves laws.  Ministers from each member state meet regularly.  A complaint of Ministers is that the main business of the meeting is hammering out a Public Communiqué to give to news reporters after the meeting.  In this pretence of democracy everything else is given automatic approval!

  3. In 25 years the EU has issued 23,000 directives and regulations into UK law - a figure greater than the total number of Acts passed by Parliament in the whole of its history!  There are around 650 new EU laws each year using Statutory Instruments to bypass our UK Parliament.

  4. The UK is being slowly 'federalised' into 'Regions' by the UK Government.  Touted as being "closer to people than Westminster" they deny any link to the fact that such regions exactly match the EU Map of Regions, replacing Westminster with an even more remote Brussels Government!  Divide and conquer always works!

  5. Bernard Connally, an EU Head Official, studied the effects of a single currency on the EU.  At first a supporter, he was so shocked by his findings that he wrote a book (The Rotten Heart of Europe ISBN no. 0-571-17520-1) warning people against a single currency.  From 'respected economic authority' he was promptly dubbed a 'lunatic' and sacked.  (Huge EU salaries will only go to those who sing in tune with EU propaganda!)

  6. And what breed are these new rulers of Europe? - For the most part these plutocrats are wealthy landowners and businessmen.  From the council of Ministers an Austrian is forced to resign for accepting bribery money from EU coffers!  Meanwhile Italians, Berlusconi (imprisoned for 21/2 years), Craxi (waiting trial for corruption) and Andreotti (on trial for murder; also conned Mrs Thatcher into joining the ERM which lost the UK billions) show how easily susceptible the machinery of the EU is to control by the criminally corrupt. 

  7. The shadowy Bilderburg Group (formed in 1954) is a secretive cabal of hundreds of the world's leading politicians, businessmen, and media moguls.  Leaked sources suggest it is the driving force behind the EU.  Among UK politicians attending we see Tony Blair, Ken Clarke (no surprise here) and William Hague (surprised?)

We citizens of Europe are told what to believe, what to eat, what tax to pay, what is safe, and even what measurements to use.  We can't vote them out.  While politicians talk only about "A Democratic Deficit" - we know the real Truth about Europe is:


IN JUST ONE DAY .............. 26th September 1997.

EMU, the single currency, was a news item on the BBC.  Over 24 hours it had 16 interviewees - only four against.  The 6.00 News had four pro-EMU speakers - none against.  It summed up claiming "business was in favour".  Similarly for Radio 5's Newsnight, The Financial World Tonight and Radio 4's The World Tonight.  The Today Programme had 55 seconds for anti-EMU Peter Shore (politician) to discuss only the effects of EMU on the Labour Party, but Irish born CBI chairman Chris Haskins (business) was given 3 minutes 45 seconds to "explain the benefits" of EMU.  And you thought the BBC was legally obliged to give political balance!

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