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"It's not about land. The government has got land - two million acres - which it should have distributed to the landless,
"They're using this land issue to stir up racial hatred..."

--Ian Smith, former Prime Minister of Rhodesia.

The BBC's Alan Little
"This white Zimbabwean family are fleeing their home"
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Lesson in Africa 
by Dr. William L. Pierce
Broadcast Date: 06-06-98

The White Farmers of Zimbabwe 
by Dr. William L. Pierce
Broadcast Date: 12-06-97
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Fifth White farmer murdered
William Hughes, president of the CFU
"Indicative of the breakdown of law and order we've experienced"
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Matt Crawford, Commercial Farmers Union
"We do not have rule of law"
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The BBC's Martin Dawes
"Brutally beaten on his occupied farm"
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To Be, or Not to Be
by Dr. William L. Pierce
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Horror in Rhodesia
by Dr. William L. Pierce
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Zimbabwe: Liberal Consequences
by Dr. William L. Pierce
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The BBC's Ben Brown is at the farm
"Martin Olds fought a three hour battle with the veterans"
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A black mob hunt-down & slaughter a white family's pets
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(Please note this is a BBC video clip, therefore bias is to be expected.  In the report the animals are described as 'guard-dogs, although one is clearly a golden Labrador, and another is a Collie!!  This lying by the left-wing BBC is to be expected, since the mob is black).

A ITN report that proves that the BBC were lying
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(Although this ITN clip deals mostly with the failed negotiations between the CFU and the 'War Veterans', it gives an update on the attack on the Windrow's family pets, and proves the BBC were lying).

The BBC's Ben Brown reports from Harare
"It is far too dangerous to approach by road"
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John Osborne
"They beat Dave very badly then shot him"
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The BBC's Greg Barrow reports from Marondera:
"Farmers are gathering to discuss security"
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Farmer Alex Van Leenhoff
"It is unbelievable what they can resort to - a mass of beatings and threats"
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The BBC's Grant Ferrett in Harare
"An election gimmick"
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The BBC's Jane Standley in Harare
"Violence targeted specifically against anyone who was white"
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'Zimbabwe' government defends squatters
BBC News' Flora Botsford
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Grant Ferrett:
"There's no sign that the court order is having the intended effect"
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BBC's Joseph Winter reports from Bulawayo
"The threats are being taken seriously"
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The BBC's Daniel Boettcher reports
"Zimbabwe has found itself increasingly isolated in the international community"
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